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Nova playing at the Modern
Nova playing at the Modern

It is hard to write a first post, but I need to start somewhere. But where?

Maybe I should begin at the center. Where is new music central? Most people in the U.S. think it is NYC. I am often envious when I read about contemporary music events happening there. I imagine a lively scene, with great players everywhere.

Where I live, in North Texas, presenting new music is a challenge; I suspect my experience is not unique. There are lots of amazing musicians here, to be sure, but new music is definitely on the fringe of the classical music scene. The fringe of the fringe? Actually, I don’t think that is fair. Classical music is much bigger here in TX than many people (mostly outside TX) realize. For example, I’ve lost count of the number of orchestras in North TX alone. Nonetheless, sometimes I feel like I am producing underground events, even when at UNT!

On to events…. upcoming new music events here include Nova  playing at UNT on the Square gallery on April 2, 7pm; our official concert at UNT is on April 7, 8 pm.

We’re doing a varied program including music by George Crumb, Alfred Schnittke, a premiere by UNT student Joseph Lyszczarz (he’s also Nova’s assistant), and two works by visiting composer Chaya Czernowin. I am delighted she is coming; I don’t think I’ve seen her since we were in grad school together.

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